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3 years ago · by · 0 comments

Revealing the myth of the SR-22 filing (high risk insurance)

A large number of people are misinformed about SR-22 insurance, if they’ve heard of it at all. In this article, we’ll bust some common myths so you’ll know what to expect if you ever find yourself in the position of filing for an SR-22.


Myth #1: SR-22 insurance is a penalty for traffic violations

While several traffic violations on your record may result in an SR-22 status, so can various other transgressions. These may include driving with an invalid license, driving under the influence, causing several accidents, driving without insurance and more.


Myth #2: SR-22 insurance is permanent

While an SR-22 may be required for several years, it is a temporary status. You will be informed how long you must maintain SR-22 insurance, which is largely based on state regulations and the severity of your transgression. But be on your best behavior because your SR-22 period can be extended if you commit another violation during this period.


Myth #3: SR-22 insurance is costly

Technically, an SR-22 status only requires one affordable flat fee upon filing the form. However, your auto insurance rates are likely to increases due to the more high-risk nature of your new driving record. But it would be inaccurate to say that the SR-22 is costly, being that it’s simply a bit of paperwork that accompanies your auto insurance policy.


Myth #4: SR-22 requirements do not transfer if you move to another state

You are required to fulfill your SR-22 period even if you move. However, while you must maintain an SR-22 status for as long as your previous state mandates, you must follow the minimum auto insurance requirements of your new state. Ask your independent insurance agent for details.


Myth #5: It is possible to cancel your auto insurance after you obtain an SR-22.

Fact: Since an SR-22 is directly tied to your auto insurance policy, cancelling coverage will void your addendum, and will also result in notification to the Department of Motor Vehicles. You could face sanctions for failing to provide adequate coverage.


Myth #6: You Don’t Need SR-22 Coverage If You Don’t Have a Car

Some drivers actually think they can just pay a small fee and obtain SR-22 coverage, this simply isn’t true. Even if you do not have a car that is insured, you are still required to get an SR-22 insurance policy. The policy will be a non-owners policy and will be enough coverage to meet the requirements set forth by the judge.


Myth #7: Full coverage is required in order to obtain an SR-22.

Fact: An SR-22 can be attached to any auto insurance policy, even those that carry only liability coverage.


Myth #8: Changing states will eliminate the need for an SR-22.

Fact: If you are required to have an SR-22 in one state, you will be required to carry it in all other states. This means that moving from one state to another will not eliminate the need for an SR-22.


Myth #9: An SR-22 provides protection against future suspensions of one’s driving privileges.

Fact: Although it is often used to reinstate licenses, you could nonetheless face suspension in the future if you fail to comply with the law.


Myth #10: Monthly payments are required to keep an SR-22 active.

Fact: An SR-22 requires only a one-time fee that is payable whenever you renew your policy. However, when required to get SR-22 coverage, your premiums are likely to increase


We’re here to help clear the confusion. Call Omni Safe Insurance at 1-877-728-9966 for more information on California SR-22 insurance.


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