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7 Bizarre Insurance Claims That Answer the Question of “Why Insurance?”

As insurance brokers, we’ve definitely heard some strange insurance claims. But nothing compares to what you’re about to read. Have you ever wondered “Why insurance?” These seven strange-but-true tales will definitely convince you.

#1. Distracted Walker

A British tourist was visiting Greece. While enjoying a stroll, he caught sight of a group of bikini clad ladies. Forgetting where he was, the man walked straight into a bus shelter, breaking his nose. Even with the evident fault on his part, his insurance company still covered his medical bills. I guess they must have sympathized!

#2. The Boxer Shorts Fire

A man commonly placed his box shorts to dry above his fireplace. That’s totally normal right? While his shorts were drying, he left the house to grab a paper and returned to find he had locked his keys inside (really painting a picture of this guy). When he finally got inside, he found a burned pair of boxers, extensive smoke damage and we received another answer to “Why insurance?”. And yes, his insurer did pay up.

#3. Car-Hating Camel

On a typical day in the life of a horticulturist, a farmer was visiting a plant nursery. While exiting, he saw a camel near his car (and, like us, he was probably thinking “Where did this camel come from?”), who then forcefully kicked it. The kick left extensive damage to his vehicle. Luckily the whole thing was recorded and the insurance company covered the damage.

#4. The “Hottest” Bride

Here’s how you want your wedding day to go.
A woman was in the process of getting married in the Caribbean. During the ceremony, her dress caught fire. Her loving, new hubby boldly grabbed her and threw her in the water. While the wedding might not have gone as planned, her insurance company DID cover the cost of the gown (and now her husband can say he’s already saved her life once).

#5. Cows Couldn’t Get Enough

A couple decided to take a beautiful vacation to Southern France. While on a drive, a heard of cows surrounded their car and began licking it (it must have been a delicious looking vehicle). In fact, in many spots they licked the paint right off! Who knew cows could be an answer to “Why insurance?” and who knew their tongues could be so dangerous!

#6. The Monkey Bandits

Another vacation story, this time in Malaysia. A couple, presumably visiting a nude beach, had their clothing taken by a band of monkeys. They never recovered their clothes (or their dignity), but their insurance company did pay for the “stolen” items. I can’t imagine how they were greeted at the hotel!

#7. The Disappearing Cigars

A lawyer insured a pack of cigars against flood and fire (already suspicious). A few months later, he filed an insurance claim, stating that his cigars had slowly disappeared over time due to a series of “small fires”. The insurance company, of course, denied the claim because it was clear he had simply smoked them. However, when it was brought to court, the judge ruled in favor of the attorney! He felt there was no clear indication of the type of fire covered.
So those are 7 of the best insurance claims we’ve seen. And all of them were covered by their insurer!
Are you ready to get serious and talk insurance? (Or sort of serious and talk insurance)? Give us a call at 1-877-728-9966 or click here for a free quote.
Want to read about even more bizarre insurance claims?
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”Crazy Insurance Claims


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