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General Insurance Questions

What is the difference between Omni Safe and other insurance providers?
Hands down, our commitment to our customers.

Our licensed insurance brokers have the ability to shop numerous policies and rates, allowing us to find the best coverage to fit your budget. We aren’t dedicated to any one, big-brand insurance company. Instead, our loyalty lies with you, the customer.

I’ve found that I need more (or less) coverage. How can I change my policy?
You can change your policy at any time! Just give our brokers a call or come into any one of our Southern California locations. Want to look into a better rate? We can do that, too.

I want to add someone to a policy. What do I need to do?
Give us a call! We can easily add individuals to your policy (or remove them, too).

What are the benefits of bundling all of my insurance policies?
Discounts—plain and simple. With Omni Safe, if you purchase multiple policies through us (say, auto and renters insurance or boat and home insurance), you will receive a bundle discount. This discount is solely through our brokerage and can be added on to any other additional discounts you may be eligible for (like a safe driver or low mileage discount).

Car Insurance Questions

What exactly is covered under my insurance policy?
This all depends on the type of insurance you choose and is best answered by one of our brokers. Generally, car insurance can cover damages to vehicles involved in an accident, as well as costly medical expenses, and it can protect you from lawsuits. You may also be able to add on roadside assistance or the use of a rental if your car is damaged in an accident.

I just bought a new car. What sort of coverage do I need?
Depends. If you have been financed through the dealership or through a personal loan, you will probably be required to carry comprehensive auto insurance until the car loan is paid off. If you purchased your vehicle with cash, the level of coverage is up to you (just make sure you take into account the cost of a replacement if you’re involved in an accident). Don’t worry, a broker can help you navigate your options.

I’ve lost my car insurance due to a DUI. What will I need to do to get driving again?
The first thing you will need to do is file an SR-22 with the DMV. In basic terms, this form states that you have found an insurance company willing to extend you coverage despite your blemished record.

Omni Safe is a great option for individuals seeking insurance after a DUI. We can find an affordable policy for you and get you insured quickly (even that same day). You can read more about the process here.

Home Insurance Questions

Does my standard policy insurance cover earthquakes?
No! This is a very common misconception about home insurance. Earthquake coverage is actually an additional insurance you will need to add if you want your home to be covered. But don’t worry, there are affordable options available to you. Read more on our blog.

Will my standard policy cover flooding?
There are a few types of water damage covered under a standard policy, like destruction due to water backup. However, flooding as a result of a heavy rain or other natural disaster is not included. Similar to earthquake insurance, you’ll need a policy add-on for protection.

Renters Insurance Questions

What does renters insurance cover?
Renters insurance is an affordable way to protect your personal property in the case of theft or other natural disasters. It also financially protects you from lawsuits and the cost of any accidental damage you cause to the rental property.

I don’t own much. Do I need renters insurance?
Before answering this, really consider the cost of insurance versus the amount you’ll have to pay to replace stolen or damaged personal items. Keep in mind, the replacement of designer goods (like purses and shoes), expensive jewelry and other electronics can add up quickly.

Commercial Insurance Questions

When would I need to consider commercial insurance?

You need commercial insurance if:

• You use your vehicle for deliveries or other business-related transportation
• You have employees frequently driving your vehicle for work
• You haul equipment used for work or tow a trailer used for your business
• Your vehicles are owned or leased under a corporation or are considered a business expense

However, these aren’t the only times this coverage is important. Speak to an Omni Safe broker to discuss the intricacies of your business, your budget and your insurance needs.

Personal Watercraft Questions

What exactly is a “personal watercraft”?
The term “personal watercraft” applies to any motored vehicle that’s out on the water. Think Jet Skis, Sea-Doos and WaveRunners. This type of vehicle should have some sort of insurance coverage to protect riders in the case of an accident, injury or theft.

Why do I need boat insurance?
Boat insurance is similar to car insurance. Depending on your policy and level of coverage, this type of insurance can repair damages to your boat or others, cover the cost of medical expenses and offer financial protection in the event of a lawsuit. You can read more about the benefits of boat insurance here.

Life Insurance

Basic Life Insurance Terms

Policy Owner – The owner of the life insurance policy (you).
Beneficiary – The person who will receive the insurance payout. You can also designate a second beneficiary in case the first person (usually a spouse) has passed away.
Premium – The payments made to continue your insurance policy.
Death Benefit – The amount paid to your beneficiary in the event of your death.

Whom should I name as my beneficiary?

Your beneficiary is usually a spouse, child or family member. It would be anyone who you’ve determined would be financially affected by your death.

How are Life Insurance premiums determined?

Life insurance premiums can rely on a number of factors, including your overall health, age and tobacco use. Don’t let a few risk factors deter you. Omni Safe brokers aren’t loyal to one insurance company. Instead, they shop hundreds of policies to find the best coverage that fits in your budget.

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